Google Penguin Data Refresh 3


Matt Cutt’s latest Tweet – [October 5, 2012]


Matt Cutts confirmed the Penguin data refresh and it is the Penguin 3.0 affecting 0.3% of English queries. So as we all know this is the move of Google in order to fight for web spam and give quality results to every query of a user. We are currently seeing an aggressive act towards value and as we can see it is just a week after EMD (Exact Match Domain) and Panda Update.



Looking into the authority of the website, Penguin looks on your backlinks, type of links that you gain and at the same time looking at the quality of site. It is simply paying attention to the authority and quality of the site in fighting web spam and since they have found out lots of low-quality inbound links. Those having natural backlinks will specifically gain from this update since this kind of data refresh is teaching every one involve in search engine optimization or maintaining a website that you need to work hard in gaining links since there is no shortcuts. Manipulating pagerank or gaining backlinks in the fastest and the easier way can lead to penalty of a website and the worst thing is that it cannot be found anymore on SERPs.


It does not only affect English queries but also other languages. See it below.



As you will see it does not only affect the English queries but all other languages, so this really means cleaning the web against pollutant (spam) or activities that trick the search engines and the user. Previously they have updated their webmaster guidelines to emphasize what quality means and they have added examples on the techniques that need to be avoided or about unnatural links. And now it’s the Penguin update, it also following the quest for quality.

Since Google prioritize the value of results they are giving to users or searchers, it is also our duty to make our website informative, engaging, unique and can stand out from others. And here is what you are going to do to survive and support the goal of Google.

• Always follow the Google webmaster guidelines, pay attention to it especially on what is considered unnatural links and techniques that tricking the users and the search engine where in some of its examples are link scheming, cloaking, hidden text/links and many more just read the webmaster guidelines to know more about this. Or simply follow what it says, engaging in good practices and that is constant monitoring of your sites against hacking and spamming.

• Have your website not only search engine friendly but also user friendly wherein they can easily navigate on it. And it does not contain spammy links or links that stand for the purpose of manipulating keyword rankings. Most importantly a valuable website must answer the query of a user.

• There is a branding presence. Pay attention also in promoting your brand, since optimization is not only about working on your money keywords it must be mixed.

• Share Valuable or Quality Content. This is the best way in order to survive from all of the updates even us can prove its value and content as a king is true. When you give emphasis on giving the best content for your users, no one will doubt you or question your authority. It the best natural technique in gaining visibility and be honored by search engines. All you need to do here is give unique, yet informative content and when we say unique it is not just rewriting what others have written it is all about a content in your own perspective or a content that can stand out or if you are selling or in marketing it is just like crafting a unique selling proposition.


Since this exists to fight web spam it is our responsibility to produce quality content and have a valuable website that can help the users and not to pollute the web. It is always essential to go natural than using unnatural ones that can end up as toxic that will soon kill your website.