Webmaster Tool On Critical Site Issues


To make things more safe and efficient for the search engine and the webmasters, the webmaster tools have now become more than just a mere tool, but also a potent disseminator of vital information about website issues that may hamper a site’s productivity.

That was the main idea in the update posted yesterday by Google Trends Analyst John Muell and Matt Cutts which was instantly taken into account by the webmasters who are grateful about such initiative or innovation that would counter the possibilities of being penalized for the undetected malwares or any other problems in the site. Specifically, the said tools will be sending emails to the webmasters about the current issues relevant to the site operation. Hence, when Google discovers something wrong with your site, the webmaster tools would serve as an automatic sender of what has been detected and, of course, including the possible solutions thereof.



You can, thus, take necessary steps immediately after you’ve been informed of the current matter relative to your site. And through which, you’re not just the one who will benefit, the users may likewise be benefited when your website is hassle-free or effective in serving their needs. However, it’s not true to conclude that the tools will just send you whatever updates the engine has determined; it would notify you only with those that have significant effect on your site’s performance or its overall status.

Furthermore, even if your site confronts an issue that needs to be resolved, you still have nothing to worry about the quantity of emails that will be sent to you. The webmaster tools will also limit sending updates to avoid having a deluge of the same data in your inbox. But nevertheless, if you wish to refuse receiving email from the said tools, you have the discretion to modify your email delivery preferences. Otherwise, if you’re confused or not yet clarified about a certain update that was sent to you, then you can ask it directly through the Webmaster Help Forum.

Interestingly, in no case that this innovation would be considered futile for the purpose itself is one indicative that it would lead to a more productive SEO operation. One webmaster even commented that it can be one way to block the existence of unnatural links before they ruin the site. And yet, with the essential matters being fed to the webmasters, there is likewise a probability that they themselves could formulate effective strategies in avoiding what is unhealthy to their sites and the search engine.

There is no assurance, however, as to how this change would be taken and integrated by the webmasters to their regular operation; it’s just a matter of theory to say that this would really end the malpractices usually committed before, or eradicate the habits of spammers in the web. It is to be noted that it is only one preventive measure, and not a solution itself. The outcome of which is still significantly dependent on the cooperation of the webmasters towards the attainment of the noble goal of the search engine which is beneficial to the entire SEO operation.

Nonetheless, nothing is really certain at this time; the only definite result that the webmaster could expect is that they would become more aware about the important issues that can either be an advantage or a disadvantage to their sites. At any rate, whatever the update of Webmaster Tools may be, you still have a reason to be grateful since you’re given instant news or update for free, and for your own benefit. You have nothing to lose, but you have a lot to gain from it!


If you are a website owner it is essential that you know if what are the problems existing with in your website and therefore direct email of Google to website owners on critical issues are truly helpful. What if you have no knowledge about using webmaster tool? You will need the help of a webmaster or sometimes through the search engine optimization specialist service who knows how crucial the site’s performance to the user experience and of course to its visibility since they are like doctors of your website.