Why Make A Difference With Link Diversity?

Making a difference in SEO is not uncommon especially in linkbuilding whereby the builders have much leeway in applying whatever strategy that is efficient to boost traffic and push the site’s ranking up to the stability. It’s common, but then it seems to have made no changes nor distinction from what is usually done in a regular course of site’s optimization for the reward of being on top and is recognized over the others.

That’s the essence of competition – every optimizer wants to show what he has got to acquire the trust of the clients and ultimately gain the identity or reputation which can be incomparable to the rivals. But then what? Hadn’t the revolution in web became possible, or made a remarkable change as it is now if not because of such? It may have had connected the global business into one common purpose, but as the time walks through the valley of the new demands in the virtual market, there appears to be no place for the obsolete techniques and orthodox practices, there is only a “wide space” for diversity.

Yes, diversity has now become a prime requisite for the success of linkbuilding; it means more than just diversifying the techniques commonly employed, but a process of having variety or a number of inbound links from different sites with distinct anchor text that connects or points to various pages in your website. And what it has to do with the search engine and your ranking? Well, you might discover a different advantage or benefit when you try it, but the common resultant of which leads to nowhere else but on the continuing excellent traffic and ranking that is somewhat immune from algorithm changes.

Nevertheless, you might be wondering how the process is done properly and effectively. You can simply do it as you did in your previous tactics. But before going on through such complexity, you have to familiarize first the certain things which are relevant to the diversification of your links. The basic queries are the composite of knowledge that you have to acquire. In this case, the common questions are (1) Where can I get my links?, (2) How about variation in anchor text, and (3) What types of links should I diversify?

Okay, let’s decipher them one by one. Getting links is simply done by having directory links, blog links, and other links on sites where you can possible evade or where your rivals are connected. But don’t forget the paid links which can lift your traffic up above your expectation. For your diverse profile, however, you can expose your content to the users by using reviews, guest posting, social media, etc. That’s too basic, but in the case of anchor text variation, you really have to categorize your text to have a better input for your strategy and output for your ranking and traffic. On the other side, there are a lot of links that you can utilize for diversification purposes; few of which are the following: profile links, blog comment links, image links, and homepage links. It’s just within your reach!

But, nonetheless, you cannot completely do the “math” or perfect the formula of link diversity if you are unequipped with the “real world” practice in doing such. You may be guided in a wrong path if you would just depend on your personal understanding of the matter. It is so because you’re not just getting links from other relevant sites, you will also be doing some things which the unexpected circumstance would require you to do. Thus, keeping the following things in mind while you’re building diverse links to your site is gravely necessary:

• Build Your Links on Different Types of Sites – since diversity means a combination of different links in this case, then don’t limit yourself from constructing something in one a common type of site which may not make a difference in your site’s traffic and ranking. But then, this does not mean that you just build without taking into consideration the safety and quality of your link; the main point then is you have to blend your site with its possible “friends” that may lift it up in times of catastrophe in the search engine.

• Don’t Forget to Build Links in Your Inner Pages – you want to build a natural link? Then this is the instant way to do such. Build links in your inner pages and see the positive result of which after a week or month of your experiment. Yes, this sounds so scientific, but it’s an objective matter that can have a definite result to your site’s performance in the web.

• Build Your Links in Domains with various IP Addresses – why is that so? It’s not actually new in your strategy in protecting your site from the harm of homogeneity which can do nothing to move your site from stagnancy. However, in this case, you should search for domains with different or various IP addresses with different servers. Beware wise to countercheck the servers for otherwise you’ll be deluded by mere diversity with false truth behind it.

• Never Underestimate the Anchor Text – build your links on different anchor texts that way you do with the others. It’s simply having a variety of targeted keywords that defines the essence of diversity in this case, and it will also extra point to your link profile. For instance, in one brand, you can have many combined or synonymous terms to have a greater chance of being detected by the search engine whenever you’re brand are being searched by a user.

• Build Links on Relevant Pages – relevance is one limit of diversity for the sake of safety of your site. For what’s the purpose of having diversity if you can expect nothing but penalty? You should strictly observe the proper guideline in diversifying your links in different sites or pages. Always remember that you build for diversity in other sites with relevance to your own site. It’s a simple principle, right? So don’t choose the wrong path for the right goal you have in mind!

You can really achieve better results for the traffic and ranking of your site by diversifying your links with proper limits. It’s just like aiming the “finish line” in the race, but without going beyond the rules in the competition which you have long been considered as the game of SEO business. Remember: You can always make a difference!