Is There A Need To Worry On Your Links?

Just one week ago, Google had announced the launching of the search engine’s disavow tool that is intended to help webmasters in analyzing and removing the unnatural or spammy links caused either by their own participation in link schemes or by the negative SEO.

What if you are not involved in link scheming, will you need to worry about your links?

However, few days after such announcement, there have been many webmasters who were asking whether or not they still need to analyze and remove the links even if they haven’t participated in link schemes, or have bought links to trick or deceive the engine. And fortunately, with the query raised by Ryan from Michigan regarding such clarification, Matt Cutt in his video provided a clear answer. Matt simply said there’s NO need to waste time in analyzing and disavowing.

WHY? Matt didn’t say it, but it’s obvious: your links and site are safe if you’re certain that you did no unethical practice as earlier mentioned. But let’s analyze the two points emphasized by him which are a best guide for the webmasters whether or not to use the disavow tool:

Buying Links – if you were previously involved in schemes of buying links to make the SEO job easy for you, then, according to Matt, you really have to spend time for the analysis of your individual or profile link. And apparently, in this case, you gravely need the disavow tool to remove what you have unethically acquired.

Paying Someone to Build Links – when you’re used to just paying someone to build links for your site, then it is advised to counter-check them since you don’t know whether they’ve been acquired naturally or not. It is not an easy job though, but it’s worth your time if you can secure the safety of your site!

And what about the solution if you’re unsure of the status of your links, or have already forgotten about your previous practices? Matt says you can download the links and sort them based on date. Then what’s next? Of course, what he instructed is the initial process in using the disavow tool; hence, after which, you have to submit your list, and wait for the tool to respond after several weeks.

Perhaps, you’re fortunate enough to get a positive response. Thus, after you have checked those links you’ve acquired from or tagged by negative SEO, they are already nowhere to be found, then you have all the reason to celebrate! However, don’t just depend on the tool; you have to do your part by analyzing or examining the progress of your request; otherwise, you’ll be waiting for nothing.

Apparently, it seems that the ultimate solution which is implicit in the words of Matt is to STOP building links “unnaturally” and follow the webmaster guidelines strictly.

Here’s Our Brief Analysis about the Disavow Tool and the Follow-up Video of Matt:

Have you not wondered why Google has keep on repeating and/or emphasizing the unnatural links and other unethical practices? And why the disavow tool is also intended to eradicate them and preclude negative SEO?

Well, it all appears to be part of the process of achieving the goal of the search engine for better user experience and promote fair game in the world of optimization. The reason why if you’re obedient on the algorithm rules, you have almost nothing to be frightened about the safety of your site; you only have hope for the stability and success of your business!